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Services tailored to your needs

A young, dynamic, and friendly team with more than 10 years in the Swiss property field, at your service.

Find an office space for businesses
Find a home for employees or individuals
Guidance upon your arrival to or departure from Geneva
Management of paperwork and all administrative procedures

We have built up an extensive and diverse network thanks to our ideal Geneva location and utmost professionalism. We are also able to provide you with showings of properties that have not yet been put on the market. We offer individuals and small, medium, and multinational businesses with our various skills: this encompasses our search for a home or office space, requests for permits or certification, and goes as far as providing insurance guidance during the final stages, with help from our exclusive partners.

For small, medium, and multinational businesses

By working with our agency, you can be confident that you are offering your personnel with the best services amidst complete guidance for all formalities related to arrivals and departures.

We are more than just a simple relocation agency; we take into account your employee’s family needs and provide all the help necessary to facilitate their integration. Eased of stress from changing a region or country, your employees can therefore focus on their new position, and productivity is preserved.

For individuals

Responding to your needs is our priority

Assessing and understanding your needs is essential for us to begin our search for your new home or office space. This allows us to identify and select properties that perfectly respond to your criteria, while also helping you avoid time lost with showings that do not correspond to your needs.

Understanding that any move is never easy, and that it takes a certain amount of time to adapt to your new home, we are happy to provide you with information and guide you along your cultural, culinary, or shopping needs.

For building managers

Handpicked candidates

Lytz provides complete, organized, and verified files to simplify the process. Subsequently, we commit to approving serious candidates that are exempt from proceedings or those that do not hold outstanding debt on property.

Our rigorous screening process is done within the best conditions for both renter and landlord. Lytz strives to be a long-lasting partner of trust.

Until signing of the lease, our agency commits to your role as purveyor throughout the process. We therefore uphold a relationship based on trust with all our partners.

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